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Biotech Latam Solutions has a presence in the main countries of the region, where we have been developing operations aligned with the culture and needs of our people. This coverage allows us to accompany corporate growth through technological solutions for health care and prevention.

Biotech Latam Solutions is aware of the most advanced biometric technology and health care science, which is why our products and services respond to current preventive demands and trends, allowing organizations to optimize their resources and productivity.

Our security protocols are permanently updated, providing total hermeticism and confidentiality in the treatment of the information of the personnel and users of our platforms, which is why the trust of our clients is reflected in the professionalism and rigor of our records.

We have formed a select team of professionals with a track record and proven experience, who together with the talent of young collaborators, guarantee the quality of our products and dedicated attention in the service. Trust us to become your strategic ally.

To be a leader in Latin America in Health and Wellness Technology solutions

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SoundPass it's a tool NO that uses multi-factor authentication (MFA) to establish and maintain a bubble of perimeter security around a facility or a group of people.

For companies, the administration portal of SoundPass Access™ is a suite of sophisticated tools that allows local operators, partners and businesses to manage SoundPass Plus licenses, usage and enable system operators.

Relevant Industries


Thanks to our Forced Cough Resonance (RTF) technology, you will be able to ensure the health of your clients, which will increase their confidence and loyalty and improve the image of the gym. It will also reduce staff absenteeism, maintaining productivity.


Our Forced Cough Resonance (FTR) technology provides an innovative tool to ensure employee health, thereby reducing absenteeism. In addition, its easy integration and secure use make it a low-cost solution for companies.


With our Forced Cough Resonance (RTF) technology you will guarantee the safety of workers by preventing the spread of respiratory diseases in the workplace. This reduces absenteeism and improves the efficiency and productivity of the factory.

Study Houses

Our Resonance Forced Cough (FTR) technology helps prevent the spread of respiratory illness among students and staff. It also reduces absenteeism and improves productivity, resulting in a healthier and more efficient learning environment.