There could be many reasons why you get an error. They include:
● Accidentally covering the microphone with a thumb or finger
● Holding the phone too close to the mouth
● Leaving plenty of silence before and after your cough in your recording
● Talking, laughing, or other background noise
● For more helpful tips, please watch this video:

SoundPass offers users a way to perform a self-monitoring at any time, to see if anything about their cough sound signature has changed since they established their baseline. This can be used by anyone seeking peace of mind when they are spending in-person time with those outside of their home. When SoundPass can authenticate your current cough sound to your baseline, you can be sure that nothing in your cough sound signature has changed.

Access is our QR code scanning software, which is used by businesses, employers, colleges and universities, places of worship, and retail locations. These groups use Access to scan the QR codes that SoundPass Plus generates when a user authenticates and wants to provide that status to a building operator as part of a set of security measures they have decided to implement.

Show the QR code to any business that uses SoundPass Access to comply with their policies around secure entry.

No. SoundPass does not detect, diagnose, treat or prevent any health condition or medical diagnosis. SoundPass only authenticates that your current cough signature matches your baseline or not.

It means that your cough signature, for whatever reason, does not match your baseline. This can occur for a variety of reasons, including exposure to environmental agents or potential illnesses. You may consider consulting a health professional if you have concerns.

Once a QR code is scanned, Access displays the person's QR code on the screen and displays the photo the user took when they upgraded to Plus. This allows the business operator to compare the photo registered with SoundPass Plus to the person presenting the code. Access logs all scans, storing each person's SoundPass account ID number issued during registration, as well as the date and timestamp when their QR code was scanned. It does not store the names or photos of SoundPass Plus users.

SoundPass stores data in accordance with the terms and conditions presented to you when you register. The information we collect is encrypted and stored in a secure cloud environment.
Your data is never shared with anyone, never traded with anyone, and never sold to anyone. During registration, enter the following information:

● Name
● Mobile phone number
● Email
● Password
● Basal cough
● A photo of yourself

Each authentication remains active on your mobile device for a maximum of 4 hours. Individual venue operators with an access system can choose a shorter authentication window.

To ensure the highest degree of accuracy, each authentication expires in 4 hours. After 4 hours you should get a new authentication to make sure nothing has changed with your cough sound signature.

You can check your authentication status as often as every 30 minutes.

SoundPass is currently for use by adults regardless of age. As we gain experience with people less than 4 feet tall, we anticipate maintaining the same level of accuracy for authentication.

Because we use sound signatures, if your voice changes for any reason, your ability to authenticate may be affected. If these changes are permanent (ie growth, surgery, etc.), the basal cough process will need to be repeated. Please contact customer service if this need arises.

Puede intentarlo de nuevo en 30 minutos. Si esto persiste, los operadores locales pueden elegir sus propios métodos alternativos de entrada.

Los textos legales emitidos por cada gobierno no limitan, ni restringen, ni prohíben el uso e implementación del aplicativo móvil Soundpass Plus como medio tecnológico para evidenciar posibles casos sospechosos en los trabajadores del COVID19, pues las normativas sectoriales, dejan a facultad del empleador establecer mayores medidas o acciones de prevención de la COVID-19 a fin de mitigar el riesgo de exposición de sus trabajadores, siempre y cuando no contravengan las disposiciones legales emitidas por el territorio nacional.

Por tanto, los clientes – empresas privadas – que adquieran las licencias del aplicativo móvil “SoundPass” para sus trabajadores, podrán y deberán incorporar este uso de medio tecnológico tercerizado dentro de su “Plan para la vigilancia, prevención y control de la COVID-19 en el trabajo".

El empleador deberá de solicitar el consentimiento expreso complementario al trabajador para el tratamiento de sus datos a través del medio tecnológico “Soundpass” y lo incorporen dentro de sus documentos de privacidad.

No es inconveniente ya que la lectura de los códigos QR se puede realizar desde cualquier teléfono inteligente que se use para el control de acceso a las instalaciones de la empresa.

Si, se puede bajar desde el App Store y usarlo desde cualquier teléfono móvil con sistema Android o IoS.

No, la plataforma permite eliminar licencias y cambiar o modificar las de aquellos colaboradores que ya no pertenecen al equipo. Para nuevas licencias se debe adquirir la plataforma de compras.

Se debe reportar al área de Recursos Humanos de la empresa para solicitar un nuevo registro de suscripción o modificación del existente.

Todo resultado es enviado automáticamente y en tiempo real a SoundPass Access, que es la plataforma administradora de suscripciones. No se necesita realizar ninguna operación adicional por parte del colaborador.

Lo puede realizar, pero el resultado siempre será “No Autenticado” ya que la lectura de su registro biométrico no será el del titular de la suscripción.