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Introducing SoundPass

Technology powered by Artificial Intelligence that combines two powerful tools in a single HR management system

SoundPass is a biometric tool for secure entry to facilities by recognizing anomalies in the sound of the user's cough, which works under its own artificial intelligence and machine learning system that allows alerts to be generated when a user's cough changes due to to pathogenic elements (for example COVID, flu, influenza, etc) and/or environmental factors.

How does it work?

Benefits of using SoundPass

Less Absenteeism

Higher Productivity

Integration Easy and Safe

Innovation Technological

SoundPass helps reduce employee absenteeism by detecting potential respiratory problems before the employee comes to the workplace, enabling quick and effective action to prevent the spread of illness in the workplace.

By having a prevention and monitoring tool like SoundPass, you can quickly identify respiratory problems and therefore take steps to treat them. This reduces infections and takes care of the health of employees, which translates into greater productivity.

SoundPass can be easily integrated with the company's information system, without the need to modify the existing infrastructure. In addition, the application uses state-of-the-art security protocols to guarantee the protection of data and the privacy of users.

SoundPass uses the full power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to detect changes in the sound of forced coughing and warn of potential respiratory problems at an early stage. This allows for a safer work environment and places your company at the forefront of technology.

A version for every need

For collaborators
For HR Management
SoundPass Plus

The most secure access for company collaborators

SoundPass Plus generates a QR code, scannable by any SoundPass Access entry point, each time a user authenticates successfully and is in good health.

Your collaborators have the ability to authenticate themselves before leaving home to go to the office.

HR has real-time results and can notify at-risk employees to deny entry.



Authentication is obtained in less than 3 minutes

Easy access

Easy access to the app through iOS and Android devices.


130 times cheaper than PCR tests.

SoundPass Access

A safe work environment requires frequent monitoring and prevention

SoundPass Access is used to scan the QR code of any SoundPass Plus user. It is designed to support your company's security protocols quickly, cheaply and with easy access.

For businesses, the SoundPass Access™ administration portal is a set of sophisticated tools that allows local operators, partners and businesses to manage SoundPass Plus licenses, usage and enable system operators.


Higher productivity

By identifying respiratory problems quickly, steps can be quickly taken to treat them. Thus, infections are reduced, which increases productivity.

Technological innovation

Your company will be positioned at the technological forefront with the use of AI and ML, which will allow you to have a safer work environment.

Less Absenteeism

By detecting potential illnesses early, SoundPass helps prevent the spread of illness in the workplace.

Easy and Secure Integration

SoundPass can be easily integrated with the company's information system, without the need to modify the existing infrastructure.

Of effectiveness in recognizing one's own cough

Effectiveness in recognition when someone tries to imitate the headline's cough

Of effectiveness in the recognition of infection of the Covid, flu or other disease

Of effectiveness in the recognition of mild treatments such as nebulizations


The best prevention option for any industry


  • Ensure the health of your customers and increase their trust and loyalty
  • Improve the image of the gym
  • Reduce staff absenteeism


  • Guarantees the health of employees
  • Reduces absenteeism, which increases productivity
  • It is a highly effective and low cost solution
  • It is easy to install


  • Guarantees the safety of workers
  • Prevent infections in the workplace
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve factory productivity

Study Houses

  • Prevents the spread of respiratory illness among students and staff
  • Reduce absenteeism and improve productivity
  • Make the learning environment healthier and more efficient

Not recommended users

Because this type of technology has not been proven effective in certain circumstances, SoundPass is not recommended for use by individuals with:

  • Recent acute traumatic injury to the head, neck, throat, chest, abdomen, or trunk.
  • Patent tracheostomy stoma.
  • Recent trauma or surgery to the thorax/abdomen/trunk, recent/persistent neurovascular injury, or recent intracranial surgery.
  • People unable to cough voluntarily.
  • Medical history of diaphragmatic hernia, external beam neck/throat/throat/maxillofacial radiation, phrenic nerve injury/palsy, radical neck/throat/maxillofacial surgery, vocal cord trauma or nodules.
  • People with aphasia may have difficulty producing an RTF/SDS in the time allotted by the app and have not been assessed as a population.

If you are experiencing breathing difficulties or shortness of breath, it may take more than one attempt to achieve a successful RTF/SDS submission for analysis.